Sunday, October 21, 2007


Since I have been too tired to create anything new lately, I decided to set up a shop on Dawanda, the European Etsy.
Curious how things work on Dawanda.
First of all, I find listing the items very slow. I don't really know why it takes such a long time to list an item. I really have to get used to it. Refreshing a page takes ages. I don't think that's to blame on my computer since it's fairly new and we also have a fast internetconnection.
Second everthing is priced in euro's which I find an absolute advantage. Especially with the dollarrates it's really hard to set and keep prices.
Third, on Dawanda it shows more statistics on the items you have listed - I like that feature a lot! Not only that, but people are able to leave a comment on an item you have listed. That way you get feedback from customers and other sellers on a specific item.
I did not make any new items for Dawanda. I just used the ones I have on Etsy and cross my fingers they won't sell at the same time! ;)