Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to make a felt brooch?

Thought it would be nice to share some 'secrets' of felting by making a tutorial of how to make a felted brooch. There are many ways of felting and I just want to show you mine...Materials you need: wool roving, glas and spoon, soap flakes, olive soap (not neccesary but I like to use it), bubblewrap foil.Hold the end of the woolroving loosely in one hand and gently pull off a section with your other hand. Hold your four fingers against the pad of your palm and trapping the wool there. Put it horizontally on the bubblewrap. Lay it out in a little square overlapping each other. Put another thin layer of felt on the little square vertically. That way the fibers will be in the opposite direction to the fibres on the first layer. Repeat this until you have four thin layers of wool put onto each other. You can use different colors to have more variation. Put some soapflakes in a glas and pour hot water over it. Sprinkle with the spoon some of the soapy water over the felt square you layed out.

Push the soapy water gently in the wool roving and rub gently in circles.
Make three squares in total. Lay out the roving in different sizes so that you have three different size squares. You could cut out three different squares out of paper and put them underneath the bubblewrap so you can see through and lay out your wool on that. I do that with children sometimes and it works really well.
Rinse the felted material underneath running water and lay out to dry.
Put the three felted squares onto each other. To make the brooch, you need sewing thread, a needle, a bead and a brooch pin.Fold the three squares together and sew them together at the back.
Sew the bead in the middle of the squares by going from the front to the back.
Sew the brooch pin at the back.
Ready! :)