Sunday, February 10, 2008

Infinity style

The company I work for, closes down everything once a year to go on a secret journey with all it's employees. So more or less 100 people get together to do something they will only know if they join this 'voyage mystère'. You know where you start and hopefully you will end up at the same place. The journey we made a few years ago was all about one of our bosses going on retirement. The team who organised it asked everybody to attend the journey in smart dress.
You must know at this point that I work for a craft supplier and I have many creative collegues. Everytime we have a meeting or we see each other, lots of them are wearing something handmade. I usually don't since I'm not a jewelry person and I can't sew or knit properly. But for this event I thought that it would be appropriate to at least make something myself. I started felting and at some point I had the colors right to fit my dress but I didn't like the shape of the knot. I was complaining to my partner about my incapability to make a clever knot. He used to be a scout so I shouldn't have been surprised that he showed me how to do the 'infinity'-knot. The infinity-style necklace was born then! I wore the necklace with a fancy dress and got ohh's and ahh's from my collegues! :)
Probably because they never see me that way!
I made some custom order infinity style necklaces the other day in colors I had never made before. I think they look great in lime, turquoise and lavender. I only made them in red and black before but now I will start making them in different colors too.