Monday, March 10, 2008

Custom work

A few weeks ago, Patsy206 asked me if I could make her a headband. I was a bit puzzled as I don't really know how to make headbands. I like challenges like these so I informed on how long and wide she wanted it to be and said I would give it a go. As things have been so hectic the past weeks I did not have enough energy to create. I almost felt guilty for letting her down so long but she was just really patient with me. I had tried a bit here and there but was never satisfied with the result. Today I managed to finish it and when I showed her the result in a convo, she was just so sweet and enthusiast about it that it made me really happy! :)
I felted the elastic band into the felt and then I sewed the ends a bit more so that the elastic wouldn't come loose when pulling over your head. There are few fuchsia accents on the darkbrown merinowool. This item has two functions: you can either wear it as a headband or as a necklace.