Sunday, April 27, 2008


I met Jenarter in a forumthread on Etsy.
Apparently we were so nice to each other that we decided to form the Nicey Gang. It only has two members at the moment but if you would like to join, we can send you the Nicey Gang Entry Form. You don't have to do anything but being nice. Life was never so easy!
Want to know more about Jen?
Name: Joyous Jen
Favorite Furry Creature: Bunny's, ahhh, I guess our cat Monkey
Favorite Nicey Weapon: Hugs and Compliments
Awesomeness level: 87 and a half
I think Jen has a freaking awesome banner too!
Love love love!

I also prepared a poster sketch for a treasury which includes all people who commented on my avatar question in the critique thread. I hope to grab a treasury soon because I think it looks fab! :) Unfortunately I couldn't include them all since I a treasury only has 12 places and 4 alternates...