Thursday, May 1, 2008

April: frontpage month

Getting on the frontpage of Etsy is a spell of luck.
I think I won the lottery this month. And I do feel a bit embarrassed of being up there so frequently but I can't help it! Admin chooses the frontpage out of all the treasuries that are being made. I'm not feeding them cookies or giving them other treats, it just happens. I'm a treasury-addict just like all these curators:
Villadesign : medditeranean olive & passion pink
MonicaJ : Tangerine storms
3FUN : the title got lost because T-West wasn't working :(
Missbeahaven : Raspberry orange sherbet
Iragrant : I'm not prepared
PamelaAngus : Who stole the bunny's eye??
Knots : Brack
JKPhotography : Green
Fashionknitwear : red and blue for... something new
UneFemme : Faded Memories
AnnaRubyKing : Color abunda
Julie Garland: Black white red grey
Thank you very much for adding one of my items to your treasury.
I hope I can return the frontpage favor one day! :)