Wednesday, May 21, 2008

About quotes...

I was talking to RunAliceRun about how a quote would look really good on her magnets.
She asked me if I had any witty ones. It reminded me of a quote I made many many moons ago. I think I was about 16 or 17 years of age. I loved the advertisements of DRUM - a tobacco I used to roll my cigarettes with. Their adds were very eyecatching back then. It would just have a blank page with the quote and the name of person who wrote/said it right beneath the quote and on the bottom a picture of a package of tobacco with the line of text 'the luxury of your own opinion'. Their whole branding was SO cool. They would have quotes on the inside of the package so everytime I got a new one, I couldn't wait to open it and see the quote.
One day, my favorite magazine back then (HUMO), they made a call to send quotes. You could win a whole page with your quote. I thought it was kind of cool so I entered a quote. I didn't hear of it until I received a big envelope with 100 printed postcards with my quote! I was impressed.
My quote didn't make it to the blank page but I love the postcards!
It says 'Stijl begint bij smaak' which means: 'Style starts with taste'
I quit smoking in 2003 and feel so much better, I do sometimes miss rolling my ciggies... but I so dislike the smell of them now. ;)

This is also my entry for the then and now project from Vadjutka from the European Streetteam. I hope it counts as it's not a 3D visual creation but just a bunch of words on a postcard. To me it belongs to 'handmade' too though! :)