Tuesday, May 27, 2008


If you're an Etsy-addict, I'm sure you have seen the outstanding work of Madelaine.
Madelaine is two-hundred and seven months old.
She likes to write letters to strangers, find buried treasure and refer to herself in the third person. If you were to visit her she would probably be painting or sleeping or baking bread.
I saw a photograph of Madelaine on Flickr where she announced that she had new postcards.
You could enter a giveaway if you described her shop with one word by leaving a comment on her blog. I love Madelaine's work and I love postcards so no reason why I would not leave a comment. I left the word 'breathtaking' to describe her shop. I'm often in awe of her work and I'm glad nobody sees me sitting here when my mouth falls open and I'm gasping for breath! :)
Last week I got a convo from Madelaine that random.org picked the number of my comment as the winner. YaY!
It made me superhappy & excited.
I could pick an ACEO of my choice out of her collection, but I just couldn't choose because they are all so beautiful. Besides, I wanted it to be a surprise...
Today I received this beautiful set of postcards and my first ACEO ever. I'm impressed, the quality of the postcards is amazing and suit her work perfectly: brilliant, stylish and artsy.
And I think I need to start an ACEO collection now. How intriguing is that?
I'm also in love with her business cards... aarrggh, life can be so good!
Madelaine, you made my day! Thank you very much! :)