Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About kindness...

When I think about kindness, I think about my friend Monica.
Once in a while she drops me a line and wonders what I'm working on. I love it when she does that! So sweet! Then I usually have a virtual cup of coffee with her and we virtually eat pastries on the side. It is so nice to have an unexpected little message full of kindness. I never met Monica in person but feel she is just loveliness all together. Yesterday, I found the sweetest artwork in our mailbox - just because she wanted to surprise me. I should send her some beautiful Belgian pastry like 'vlaai' or ' éclaires' but I'm afraid they will be eaten by the postman! :) Thanks so much Monica, you made my day and besides that, you made my mom jealous, just like me, she loved every one of them! :)