Thursday, July 31, 2008

ArtMind goes East

How much I love the eastern part of this freaking beautiful world? VERY!
So when I got a request from ZeroZen to add some of my items to their website I was very excited. But of course, I can't even read what they say about my items since it's all in Chinese.
But how exotic is that?
If you look at this site, you will also see the work of my dear friend Kreativlink. They just might have picked the craziest girls of the European Streetteam but hey, I'm not telling them! ;)
ZeroZen stands for two editors who have worked for ELLE and Marie Claire (both in the Taiwan edition), and two graphic designers. These four woman all love handmade stuff, but people in Taiwan are not very familiar with it. Therefore they want to introduce some handmade stuff to the Taiwanese public. They believe that many people will be amazed with the wonderful crafts of the world. I cross my fingers for them and hope for them that they can make this site a hit in Taiwan. I love brave woman who do things that are not mainstream! Good luck girls! :)