Monday, October 6, 2008


In case you thought I was a bit crazy... it can get worse...
Frances from Matchstickgirl or Enchantedpond was so silly to make a whole treasury of ArtMind items.
The reason? This is what she said:
'This treasury is dedicated to ArtMind who has done so much amazing work organising our European Streetteam Secret Santa... this is my not so secret santa back to her... :D enjoy'So sweet and silly and it made me laugh really hard! Thanks heaps, Frances! :)

I loved organising the Secret Santa. It has been so cool to read all the questionnaires and match people up. It was like a big puzzle that I had to solve. From what I heard, most people are delighted with whom they have been matched up to and everyone is excited to get started.
It will be a magical X-mas for the European Streetteam! :)