Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dreams and wishes part 5

As part of the Secret Santa questionnaire I sent out a few weeks ago, I asked the participants what they never stopped dreaming about.
I loved reading the answers to this question and wanted to share the answers randomnly.

  • for all my wishes to come through
  • having a house on a big property in nature
  • a trip to Florence
  • living in a quiet natural place
  • being able to live from creating
  • peace on earth
  • a country home and a quiet life
  • successful shop
  • lead the life that I want
  • flying
  • finding my real call
  • my work, my passion
  • a house on the beach
  • light and big workspace filled with supplies
  • spending my life making things
  • writing a book
  • having a child
  • building a house
  • being a dancer
  • having a horse and ride that all the time
  • travelling the world
  • the right man
  • more time to crafy and to sleep
  • quit my job and move to the south of France
  • having beautiful clothes and a beautiful life