Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's write some snail mail

A few weeks ago, I got an address change by e-mail from a Canadian friend of mine that he moved from Scotland, UK to Utrecht, Netherlands. I have know Scott for a long time now, we met in Granada, Spain many many moons ago and we have been writing each other snail mail ever since. The last few years, our snail mail correspondence has dropped consistantly and I miss it since I love getting snail mail.
Then I saw a listing called 'let's write some snail mail' by benconservato on Etsy. Emma Kidd has been in my favorites for a long time and I just love her work. I asked her if she could send some postcards to Scott's new address with a little note from me. And of course, what I hoped for, happened: today I got a piece of Emma's work in the snail mail! Hurray! And it seems to be that Scott loves Emma's work too! Thank you, Emma for making this such a great gift and experience! I'm very happy to hang one of your postcards on my wall! I'll be keeping an eye on your shop! :)