Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mini feeling: angry

I have a whole list of feelings and textures that I add to the feelings. But sometimes I'm doubting if it's the right texture for the feeling. When I finished this feeling, I told my partner how I called it and he didn't agree. Then I called in the help of my feeling-friend Kreativlink and she suggested I would ask people what they felt about it. So I did. I posted the picture in Flickr and asked people to send me a convo to let me know how they felt about this feeling...
It's amazing how many different feelings this evokes to people. I found it very interesting too.
Like I can say it is this feeling, it will always be different for others.
Makes me think I should not give 'em a name perhaps? Just create and let people fill it in for themselves? Hmm... have to give this some more thought too...
These are the feelings they evoked to all the people who responded.
  • vulnerable
  • hurt
  • tense
  • scared
  • stressed
  • freaked out
  • angry
  • prickly
  • grumpy
  • anti-social
  • defensive
  • irritated
  • hostile
  • angst
  • rebellion
  • frustrated
  • bristly
A few people did reply to what I had in mind for this feeling... and I think I will stick to that as it is 'my' feeling which I would call 'angry'. We have this expression in Dutch that 'the little hairs in your neck are rising of anger'. This feeling reminds me of that.
Like I said, this is just what it evokes for me, it can be anything you feel as there is no 'right' feeling for it, it's subjective and personal.
Thank you so much for your help, it's warmly appreciated!