Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday morning surprise

When I opened the mailbox this morning, I found a wonderful surprise.

Frances Melhop is one of the most enchanted persons I have ever come across.
I think her middle name is fairy or elf. In my imagination she lives in this this deep, dark wood underneath a tree and is surrounded by gnomes who cook for her as she's a terrible cook herself.
She also has a pair of fairy wings on her back.
The gnomes also do the cleaning. She loves that!
Sometimes she goes out in the real world to take photographs of people, places and things.
Her work is among the most amazing I have ever laid my eyes on. It's fascinating and astonishing.
It captures worlds we humans often dream off.
I invite you to go and take a look in Frances' world. She has two great shops on Etsy: Matchstickgirl and enchantedpond
Be sure to take a look at her website too as there you'll be in for even more enchantment.
She blogged about the 'strange hearts' the other day - I loved reading that blogpost and I'm delighted to be the owner of one of the 250 hearts she made!
Besides, if you want to get your own 'Harriet against the flow' ACEO, click on one of the two pictures above & you'll be redirected to her shop. Thank you so much for this lovely surprise, Frances! :)