Monday, November 17, 2008

Virtual labs

From time to time, I attend Etsy's virtual labs. It's great fun as you get to meet other Etsians and see some lovely work being discussed or get information about certain topics. Among my favorite labs are: Monday craftnight, the Newbie chat, Show and Tell and On-The-Fly critiques. Last monday, I attended the Show and Tell after being alarmed by Twitter that the labs were starting.
I'm glad Twitter warns me otherwise I would forget probably. :) In the Show and Tell you can show what you're working on. Showing your work in progress before putting it on Etsy is a good way to get feedback and ideas about price and marketing. I showed some of my mini feelings and was quite tense to hear people's thoughts about them. I'm glad they all approved! :)
At the end of the labs, Danielle showed us some new goodies from the Etsy labs. If we let Danielle know by convo what our favorite X-mas greeting cards were, she'd send us some stickers.
YaY! Thanks Danielle, I love 'em! :)