Friday, January 30, 2009

I can do it!

Recently I saw these really cool crocheted slippers on Etsy and I ordered a pair of grey ones but the seller never replied after my first message so I still don't have cool slippers.
Then I told my friend Stephanie about it and she told me that she would knit some for me. You must know that she has been spoiling me to pieces with her beautiful knits and I'm a proud owner of a scarf, fingerless gloves, a bag and a cowl already. So sweet of her to offer but somehow I just I have the urge to learn to crochet myself. As a child I was tought how to do it in school but it is definately not like bikeriding, as I completely forgot.
So, yesterday, I searched for crocheting patterns for slippers and I found some which I thought would be quite easy... NOT! I was a bit frustrated not being able to do it...
I shouted on Twitter that I couldn't do it and people suggested that I would start easy so I picked up the hook again this afternoon and crocheted a little flower! :)
Yip, I can do it! Just need a bit more practice before I start on the slippers I think...
Was being a bit ambitious thinking I could do it from scratch! LOL :)
Thanks for the encouragement everyone! :)

I bought this pattern as I just love these slippers! :)