Friday, January 23, 2009

Mini feeling: happy

Flowers make me happy.
It's a bit like a little ray of sunshine on your head in spring, fresh herbs in summer, the smell of fall or making a snowsculpture in winter.
I like happy & I'm ready for it!

My journey of 99 feelings has come to an end…

The past few months have not always been easy for me and making these feelings was kind of necessary to be able to move on with my life.

I warmly appreciate all the support, assistance, faith, help, stimulation, trust, cheer and confidence I’ve got from family, friends, opinion makers (people who helped me define a feeling), known strangers and unknown strangers. I find it amazing that you all enjoyed looking at my work & seemed to enjoy it.

There are people who managed to comment on nearly every one of them, which I find astonishing, I appreciate it, thank you for that.

There are people who discussed feelings through looking at the pictures, which I find constructive, I love it, so thank you for that.

There are people who only lurked at the pictures, which I find sweet & cute, I hope it has inspired or moved you, so thank you for that too.

Now I need to move on and try to find out which direction my life needs to go.

I will disappear for a while from virtual life.
I will do the occasional Blogpost ,
Mosaic on Flickr or Tweet but I'll try to keep all of that limited so that I can focus on 'what next?'

If you care to subscribe to my newsletter to find out how my life is without Etsy, Treasuries, the European Streetteam, Twitter, Blog, Flickr, etc., feel free to do so.

See you peeps, it has been great having you as company on this journey…

Oh, and if you want to see feeling 100, hop over here