Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crochet attempt 4: I did it!

A miracle has happened or perhaps Tara from mamachee just mentioned the magic word in crocheting world: stitch markers. As I kept getting the start of the heel on the back of my work instead of on the side, she said I might be using the slipstitches as actual stitches and told me that I couldn't do that. She suggested to put a safety pin ('cause I don't have any stitch markers yet) in the slipstitches so that I wouldn't put an actual stitch in there.
It worked! It really worked! :)
Tara has been so patient with me and promptly answered all my crocheting questions with so much detail that I just couldn't give up. I knew that we would be able to do it! :) Now I'm off to buy some more yarn as I used more then I thought because of the 4 strands crocheting... and soon I'll be wearing my Oma House Slippers with pride and joy.
Thank you Tara for all your patience and perseverance to get me through this!
You're the best! :) Oh, and the size is simply perfect!