Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Easter Bunny's most sinful pleasure...

This is the third part of the series of questions I asked the European Streetteam Participants on the Secret Easter Bunny swap.
The question this time was: what is your most sinful pleasure?

This is the top 3
  1. Chocolate/ chocolate mousse / Double chocolate cake
  2. shopping / buying too much clothing / expensive handbags / buying online
  3. eating candy/ sweets / cookies and cream ice cream

Followed by:
  • sleep until noon / just reading deco magazines, newspapers, a book, a movie and nothing else on Sundays/ lazy days / eating a big bag of crisps while surfing the net and not doing anything useful all day
  • rich and wonderful food
    good alcohol
    red wine
    Eating more than I need
    Coca Cola
    drinking bubbles during daytime ;-)
    Drinking a cold beer in the summer by the beach.

Some people questioned the question:
  • Why pleasure is sinful?
  • I never feel guilty or sinful about anything that gives me pleasure!

Some people have funny sinful pleasures - at least, they made me smile:

chick magazines
I love raw meat - Boef √° la Tartar

creeping into abandoned houses and photographing them
reading books about UFO's

not to be on a diet