Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Favorite mini-feeling

Since I'm producing mini-feelings at the moment, I was wondering what your favorite mini-feeling is, that is if you have a favorite one of course.
So please, do me a favor and drop the name of the feeling you like most in the comments. Don't cheat, you can only pick one! :)
Click on one of the pictures below, that will bring you to the set '99 feelings' on Flickr so you can choose your favorite one!
That way I have some sort of clue what people like & it will help me to decide which ones to make first. :)
Next week around this time, I'll let the randomizer pick a comment and that person will receive a happy package from me! :)

Did you know that I have something with numbers?
I took a screenshot of the 999 views on my 99 feelings-set on Flickr! :)