Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mini Etsy meeting

Remember I made cookies? Well, these were actually to take to the little EST (European Street Team) meeting I had with Kerrin from Sigmosaics, Myrte from Mirthquake and Vanessa who is an eager buyer on Etsy.
After the batch that failed, I made a new batch that turned out fine... I certainly learned a lesson. :)
I wrapped them up nicely to take to our little meeting & the happy girls were getting all excited.
This is Kerrin. She asked me to take a picture of her wearing Nanouke's lovely ring & bracelet.
Here you can see how much fun we had... our jaws just really hurted from laughing.Decided to be a bit more serious for a group picture...Kerrin & Myrte selftiming for a group shot.Here is the happy European Street Team bunch. Look at the beautiful pins we got from Mirthquake! :)What a funfilled day it was! :) We were all definitely happy girls... no doubt about that.

When I got home, I still had a big task ahead of me: matching all the participants for the EST Easter Bunny swap. No less then 50 people signed up and it was quite hard as they almost all love bags and we don't have that many bagmakers! LOL :)
Anyway, I get to read all the questionnaires filled out and I had to laugh so hard with StarOfThe East as she managed to change one question a little bit but it makes a huge difference in the answer...
I asked: 'Favorite stores (on line + real life):'
She managed to write this: Favorite stories (on line + real life): http://star-of-the-east.blogspot.com/2008/12/solvingor-problem.html
Hahaha, so if you don't like the question, you just change it! Fun approach! :)
She was wondering what I was going to do with her favorite story...