Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Second attempt failed

After I posted the picture of my first crocheting attempt, I also send Tara from Mamachee a bit more info so she could probably figure out where I went wrong. She told me that I didn't do the soles right as I didn't have enough stitches to follow the pattern.
So, I unraveled the whole thing and started again... This is the result:As for me, the first attempt looked like I crocheted too loose, I used hook number 7 for that as the pattern states but somehow it seemed too floppy to me. So this time I used hook number 5 and it's much tighter but also much smaller - LOL - this is for a four year old I think! I did follow the pattern for size 9/10 though so either my yarn is too thin and I will definately need to change the hook back to number 7.
I did mess up again somewhere on the last row but I'm really happy that now it actually looks like a slipper! :)