Thursday, February 26, 2009

Treasure on the attic

When I bought the house we live in, the people who sold it did not want to have anything that was still in the house. For a starter, that was some pretty good news for me as I didn't have to buy lots of things that involve 'dressing' a house. Even though it was not always what I would have chosen myself, I was happy that I didn't have to buy it all at once.
But the consequence of buying the house with everything in it was that there was still a lot of stuff I did not need or want so that went to the thriftstore. Some of it looked interesting and I put it in a box on the attic. The other day, I was clearing some room on one of my cupboard shelves to put more feelings to dry. Lots of things needed to go to the attic. There I found the box I put all the interesting stuff in when I moved in. Look what I found:I'll be using this set to number my feelings! I have been wanting to buy one of those for ages so now I only need the alphabet! YaY! :)