Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Varietist Muse Zine

A while ago, I was contacted by Cynjon Noah who had been following my work on Flickr. He wondered if I would be interested in being featured in his first varietist Muse Zine.
Here is what Cynjon Noah wrote: 'What's the idea? Basically there are a lot of people tired of seeing the same art/styles over and over again in a lot of the magazines out there....myself being one of them. To counter this monotony, and showcase a wider array of media/artists/etc, I've decided to put together a zine. What will be in it/welcome? Pretty much anything...assemblage, fabric art, street art, collage, comics, sculptural work, occasional tutorials/how-to's, artist interviews...you name it.'
So this is the first zine I'm featured in and I'm really proud as Cynjon made a little jewel out of it!
Click on the picture to see more information, to browse the first pages of the zine or to purchase it via Blurb.