Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to make a stamp?

For my packaging, I needed a Babuschka stamp so I decided to make one myself.
I'm not really an expert on lino cutting and stamp making but since I needed it fast, I gave it a try. This is what you need:
a lino cutting set, a pencil, a drawing, a sharpie marker, ink and a gum.
Trace the drawing with a pencil.
Turn around the drawing and rub the drwing onto the gum.
This is how it looks after rubbing it.
Trace the outline with a sharpie marker.
Cut away all the gum besides the black outlines.
This is how it looks when the outside is done.
This is how it looks when the inside is done.
Put some ink on the stamp.
Press the stamp onto the paper.
Now you can clearly see that the stamp needs to be cut some more. All the black marks can be cut away.
You can use either the lino cutters for this or a little scalpel knife.
Repeat the process of stamping again to see if it looks better after cutting away some more gum.
After the second time, I cut away a bit more... and now I'm satisfied.Stamp a design on a piece of wood and cut it out with a saw. Glue the stamp onto the wood.
Now I can use it for my packaging. I went out to buy packaging material yesterday.
I'm nearly all set for my mini feelings to fly out into the world...