Thursday, March 26, 2009

My creative space

My creative space today is the kitchen table. I just finished a crochet Babuschka and I'm deciding which color to start next. I'm going to make 'em in all rainbowcolors because colors make me happy!
A while ago, I asked Tara from Mamachee if she could design me a crochet babuschka pattern. Tara has been quite busy lately as she has just opened a yarn supply shop on Etsy. Wooo, supplies are dangerous! :)
But a few days ago, I found a great pattern in my mailbox and I was SO giddy that I just had to try it immediately. This pattern is, like all Tara's patterns, just perfect!
I had been dreaming about crochet Babuschka's so I can actually say that a dream has come through! :)
She made it just for me but I hope she will sell it in her shop soon 'cause I think it would do really well! I'm certainly not the only one who is obsessed with babuschka's!
And yesterday I re-opened my Etsy shop with my ceramic work. I'm so thrilled to see it in there! But I have to say that it wouldn't be there if I hadn't had my virtual friends (Etsy, blog, Flickr, Twitter) to support me throughout the whole process of creating them.
I feel loved & it feels good. Thank you so much 'cause you made this happen too!
Let's have som bubbles! :)

If you want to play and show your creative space, please hop over to Kootoyoo's blog.