Friday, March 6, 2009

About sweet neighbors and so...

My neighbor, Mia, is the sweetest! She doesn't only look after our cat when we are away, but she also spoils us from time to time. Whenever she or I bake something, garantueed that there will be exchange of goodies in the middle of the street. Sometimes I make a mistake baking and she happily helps me finish it. We used to run together but I think soon we can go to the weight watchers instead.
Yesterday, she rang our doorbell and gave me a little something 'cause it had my name on it.
She couldn't resist buying it for me but insisted on me showing wearing it...
As I don't feel like running across the street looking like this, I preferred to post a picture in my blog so you could have a laugh too! :)
The showercap from Mitsie and the Blue Corn Facial Scrub is from the Body shop.