Friday, April 24, 2009

Work in progress

I'm still catching up on things but of course I couldn't resist trying out some new stuff. The idea to make mini art wall feelings has been in my head for a while now. However, it started out as a completely different idea to what I made now. These are little ceramic 'tableaux' or a canvas with a feeling 'painted' on them. They are 20x20cm or 8x8inches.I'm a bit reluctant to show as these will look completely different once they are finished. They won't have the whiteness of ceramic but will be colored with oxydes or stains. I made scratches all over the pieces so that when I add oxydes to the fired piece, the oxyde or stain will remain in the scratches leaving a darker mark. This is still very much in the experimenting phase so it might turn out to be something completely different. I thought I would show you these anyway so I could get some feedback on them! :) Thanks in advance for giving your opinion.
Oh, and these will be one of a kind. Won't make the same one as it's too much fun to come up with different designs! :)