Monday, May 18, 2009

Wall art results

I posted about my work in progress on the wall art the other day. This weekend I emptied the kiln and this is how they came out.
I used mangan Oxyde to color this but I forgot to color the tears which will be hanging on a piece a thread so I'll finish this off next week when they are fired.
I used koperoxyde to color this which was a bit of a risk as I didn't have a test tile for this. I'm not completely satisfied with it as I think it's too light at the top. So I'm pondering if I will add some mangan oxyde to it and fire it again. To be continued.
I just love how this one came out. I thought it would be more blue but I'm glad it isn't actually.
There's just enough blue for the creative feeling to dream away...
What do you think about the results? :)