Friday, July 24, 2009

How to make a memo clip holder?

By now you must be getting tired of me talking about the craftparking fair in Maastricht... but I made another fun thing I'll be using on my table and I thought I would share it with you! :)
I bought little baskets and will put my items in there. But to show what's inside them, I made memo clip holders so I could clip one of the items on them together with the price tag. That way, people can easily see what's inside and how much it costs.
It's fun & easy to make and most probably you have all the materials at hand.
Here is what you need: plaster, water, plastic icecream container (great excuse to eat icecream), toilet paper tubes, clay, scissors, vinyl glue (white glue - can be wood glue too), wooden lollypop sticks, small and large clothes pegs.
Put with one wooden lollypop stick some glue at the top of the other.
Then put the little clothespeg on the stick and let them dry.
While the sticks dry, you can prepare the bottoms. Cut a paper toilet roll in half.
Add clay around the bottom so that the plaster we will poor into the tube later, can't escape.
If you don't have any clay around, look here for another method of making these.
Make some plaster.
Attach a large clothespin at the bottom of the wooden lollypop stick. This will make the stick rest on the paper toilet tube.
Poor some plaster into the paper toilet tube and put the wooden lollypop stick on top of the paper toilet tube so that the bottom part of the wooden stick sets in the plaster.
Let it set for about half an hour and then take away the toilet tube paper.
The memo clip holder is ready to use!
This is how it will look on my table.
I also made a large one to attach my cards on.
And here a little try out on how my table will look... on the floor! LOL :)
I'm debating if I should paint the wooden wine crates lime to add some color and make the feelings stand out more... any thoughts?

My friend Kerrin from Sigmosaics made some price tag holders inspired by this tutorial.
You just have to go and see them, they are amazingly cute! CLICK HERE!