Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They finally arrived...

So happy to announce the birth of the first ArtMind postcards! :)
It has taken a while before I decided on it all but now they are printed and looking good!
These postcards are a great alternative way to collect some of my art. Either you sent it to someone special or you frame them. They will sure make you or someone else smile...
The front of the cards have a picture of a mini art feeling, the back of the cards have the following line on the left hand corner of the card:
Feeling cute?
Feeling ambitious?
Feeling sad?
Feeling curious?
Feeling sick?
Feeling special?
These cards can be sent for many different occasions: a birthday, a graduation, a move, a sickness, a funeral,...Of course I'll be giving away a few sets as I would love them to spread the wor(l)d! :)
In case you would like to win a set, please leave a comment below.
I'll pick three happy people next week & send them a set of these fun postcards! :)