Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream in progress... part 8

It's about 2 months ago since I posted my last picture about the Babette blanket. I have still not much more to show you but I wanted to let you know that I will pick up where I left it.
I got some more yarn & have missed crocheting a lot so I hope that this combination will make sure I can show my progress again... This is what I got so far...I also want to show you some goodies that I got at the Craftparking fair last week. Just because... How sweet! :) Thank you FleurFatale, DinaFragola & Viltalakim.And this is what was inside:
I jumped about half a meter high when I saw the beautiful cat brooch that FleurFatale gave me. I lost the first one that I got from her and she made me a new one - and I love it just as much! And if that was not enough yet, she also added another one - I love the colorcombo's that Fleur uses!
I think I will have to hide the 'kitsch it yourself'-kit from DinaFragola when my nieces visit 'cause they will love it!
And last but not least two beautiful felted soaps from Viltalakim. Too bad you can't smell 'em 'cause they smell divine!
Are you curious what was in my 'I read your blog'-goodybag? Have a look at Fleur's blog to see what was inside! :)