Monday, August 31, 2009

More art fair news...

Yesterday I went to the Kunstmarkt in Sittard, Netherlands. It was a beautiful day outside and I really looked forward to meet people face to face & talk with them.
My friend Esther was excited to come with me and help me out. We had a lovely day setting up the stall, talking with people about the '99-feelings'-project, enjoying a ray of sunshine, chatting in between and vegging out on the couch in front of a movie in the evening.
I must say: Esther is just a real professional - she got instant promotion! LOL
It was not as busy at the fair but we had some lovely chats with people who were really interested in my work.
The most remarkable thing I found was that kids were so taken by all the feelings trying to guess which feeling was which. At one point, I heard a 9-year old girl say to her mom 'look mom, that's feeling empty' while pointing to the feeling empty. No need to say that I loved that! :)
Since it was not so busy, I had a chance to walk around and capture some impressions...

Me sanding a few piggy banks...
My friend Esther.
I loved this bird cage of my neighbor's stall. She made beautiful illustrations and I hope to see her on Etsy soon! :) Too bad I forgot to take pictures of her illustration work.
I love it when people show their processes to the public.
She made beautiful felt creations.
Here is one of them...
These girls were very eager to pimp your clothes.
Only I didn't bring a spare set!
I loved them demonstrating & to see all the ribbon, charms, paints,... they use to do the pimping.
I'm always happy when I see a little area where kiddies can art their heart out...
This creation was bare wood at the beginning of the fair & it was completely pimped by the end of the day. Fun!
This guy sat right behind us so we could see the spray process clearly.
He must have a very visual memory to make the lion look so real.
I had a terrific day yesterday & I'm looking forward to my next fair in the Modemuseum (the fashion museum) in my hometown on the 13th of September.