Friday, September 11, 2009

How to make a halloween ghost?

Halloween is still some time away but most people start decorating a few weeks before already. I wanted to share this fun project with you. It's easy to make and it's a great result for decorating your window sill or cabinet. I'm sure lots of kiddies will enjoy making these ghosts. Boo!
Here is what you need:
plaster, little plastic container, clothespeg, wooden stick, water in a container,
plaster bandages, wire, paper balls (1 large & 2 smaller ones), scissors, sharpie marker
Make some plaster. Use 1/3 water and 2/3 plaster.
Poor the plaster in the little plastic container.
Add the wooden stick in the middle of the container.
To hold it there you can let a clothespeg rest on the container.
While the plaster in the container is setting, cut up pieces of plaster.
Make some big (20cm or 7,5") and some smaller ones (10cm or 4")

Take the plastic container around the plaster away.Punch with your scissors a hole in the biggest paper ball.Put the paper ball on top of the wooden stick.
Twist some wire around the stick and
add the smaller paper balls on the ends.

Dip the plaster band into a bit of water and gently
rub over it so that the holes fill itself with plaster.

Drape the plaster bands over the paper balls.
Continue draping more plaster bands over the wire too.
Let it dry for a while.
And add a happy face to it! This ghost is not so scary, is it? :)
You can make these in any size you like. If yo like to make a huge one, I advise you to dip old sheets into plaster. You will have to work quick then because the plaster will set fast.
Happy Halloween! :)