Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to make a little booklet?

I have so many bits and bobs of pieces of paper laying around. I just have a hard time throwing away paper & try to recycle as much as I can. I usually cut them on the same size and use them for grocery lists or just to doodle on.
My partner told me a great way to make little booklets from them and of course I wouldn't want to keep this easy and fun tip from you.
Here is what you need: white glue (PVA, bookbinding glue, vinyl glue, wood glue,...), a glue brush, two pieces of cardboard, a pair of clamps, pieces of paper cut on the same size.Take a heavier piece of paper and put the same size cut papers on top of them. I used one of my business cards.
I also put a business card to put on top of the little booklet.
Put the pile of paper on a piece of cardboard.
Put another piece of cardboard on top of it.
The cardboard is just to protect the paper, it can also be wood or thick plastic.
Take a clamp and twist it firmly so that the paper is pressed in between the cardboard.
Take another clamp and do the same.
Then apply some glue on the edge of the paper.
Repeat this process a few times.
When it's dry, take away the cardboard and the booklet.
Here you go: a fun little booklet to carry with you in your handbag,
give away as a freebie or just to hold all those loose laying around pieces of paper.
So there is no reason any more to throw away paper, just recycle it as often as you can 'cause every tree counts!