Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to easily stamp names/words?

I might be the last one on earth to tell you this but I'm going to share anyway! It's an easy way how to stamp names and words. Perhaps this might be the tip you have been waiting for forever! :)
Here is what you need:
alphabet letterstampset, masking tape, paper, inkpadPick out the words that you want to make.
Put the stamps down on the table and cut a piece of masking tape.
Pick up the stamps while firmly holding them together.
Press firmly onto the stamps so that they stick to the masking tape.Close the masking tape all around the stamps.
Now you have 1 stamp of 4 letters.
Press the inking pad onto the stamp.
Stamp the word on the surface you want to stamp on.
I have two identical stamping sets so it's easy to make multiple words.
I wish I had three, but I don't so I needed to use
the letter 'L' from one of the above stamps.

And this is the result...
It's very easy to make your own shopname too.
In case that's a long name, use a liner or box
to make sure the stamps are lined up nicely.

Add a piece of masking tape to the stamps.
Press the masking tape firmly around the stamps.
When the stamp is long, you have to make sure that you press firmly
on the beginning, middle and end of the stamp to get an even result.
Tada: ArtMind!
Don't know if this was useful for you, but I remember I was completely enlightened when I first found out how to do this! :)

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