Friday, October 9, 2009

Secret santa wants to know...

... what the daily occupation of the members of the European streetteam is...

Some of them work in retail We have a cute librarian
One fashion photographer
Two peope work in the IT business (assistant & manager)
One person does media research
Of course we also have an accountant
Two textile/fashion designers
A part time writer (and full time Etsian)
Some people work in child care.
There is one musician among the EST
Now guess who is the miniaturist among the lot?
There is one sweet stewardess who makes us all jealous traveling everywhere.
We also have a biologist
I bet the waitress in our team is not so clumsy.
A few Graphic designers
A structural engineer & a few architects
A few students (part-time or full-time)
We have an art historian & art student
There are several public servants
Several secretary'sMany (exhausted) mommy's
A few teachers

Many artists/crafters/home businesses

All Etsians
All pictures above were found via Google pictures.

Secret Santa is a game played by the European Streetteam on Etsy. The idea behind the Secret Santa is that you make something for a teammember and also receive a gift yourself.
Since I try to organise the game for our team, I get a lovely reward: reading all the questionnaires and knowing all the teammember's secrets! :)
What I also know is that lots of people of the team would like to read them all too... That's why I share part of the answers on the questions in my blog. And even though it's anonymous, it's still fun to read what other people wrote... Hope you enjoyed to have a peek in our team.