Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to make recycled bags?

All the credit for the first part of this tutorial goes to my good friend Ana from Nanouke as it's her idea. I met her in Portugal recently after having virtually met through Etsy before. She's cool and crazy and you can only love her! :)
She gave me a beautiful Babuschka brooch and it was wrapped in coolest packaging ever. I asked her if I could do a tutorial on it and she didn't mind since she doesn't have time herself at the moment. So sit back and relax as this is easy as pie!
What do you need?
Old magazines, tape and sciccors
Tear out a fun page of the magazine.
Fold it in half.
Put tape on the open sides.
Cut away the tearing edge.
Fold over the top and cut part of the paper out.
A perfect bag for little items to give out on your market or fair.
If you need bigger bags, you can go to your local decoration store and
ask if they have old wallpaper books that they are getting rid off.
Tear out a page.
Fold it in half and add tape on the edges.
Cut off the tearing part.
Fold the top over and cut out a part.
Big bag for bigger items.
And here are some more simple but effective packaging ideas:
A brown paper bag adorned with paper doilies.
Add some stars to a transparant plastic bag.
Use some decoupage paper and put it with a white paper in a plastic bag.
Stamp a nice stamp on a Pergamin bag and add a paper doilie inside.
Add a fun stamp to white paper bags and close with a tiny clothespin.
In case you are purchasing something in my shop, most likely you will get something in your mailbox that looks like this. I scored some new packaging materials and I love to play around with wrapping. Nothing is more fun then getting something nicely packaged!