Friday, November 27, 2009

Secret Santa wants to know...

... what makes you smile...

But unfortunately, Santa has been really busy and has not found the time to write this weeks blogpost. He would love it if you could help out and post a link to a picture that makes you smile or send it to
He'll put the pictures on this blog asap! Please let Santa know if you would like this to be anonymous or not. :) Thanks so much for your help.

This is what makes me smile: steelblue sky with fluffy clouds & I love to find figures in them! :)
Kim from Viltalakim chose this picture and I love it! She also linked to a very funny video that will bound to make you smile! Check it out! :)This is Jessica Jo's little girl. Her name is Alice and I can see why she makes Jessica Jo smile!Suzi from preciouslovearts sent me this sweet picture of her cat Bob when he was only a few weeks. Smiles indeed! :)
PhotogenicGallery smiles at her nephew Jordan (he's 24 now) looking at this picture. This makes her smile reminiscing about how joyful he was (and still is) & I can remember how his laugh took over his whole body!
Hehe, this is Fleurfatale's photogenic son. Apparently he doesn't like to be photographed but I'm glad she did caught this precious moment where he shows off his drawing with a chocolate covered mouth! It makes me smile too! :)These rascals make Kylie smile. I bet she's mighty proud of her daughters being so silly - I love that one of them is doing the donkey-sign! :)Frida Khalo (her cat) is what makes Anapina smile. I love the picture in the upper right corner - what a cutie! :)This photo makes Vadjutka smile. It's a photo from a Mongol film called Story of the Weeping Camel. He weeps, because his mother left him after he was born, not feeding him with milk. Inhabitants of the local community try to convince the mother camel to feed her baby, but she is very stubborn. Int he end the magic violin-player comes, and he plays so beautifully that the mother camel starts to weep and gives food to her baby camel. On the photo you see the baby camel. :)
Thinking back on a holiday in Egypt makes Charlotte Hupfield smile.Ingermaaike gets very happy when she sees a briliant idea, some may need a little more work...This cutie makes DeerLola smile:The dogs of StarOfTheEast are making for many smiles...Bollywood movies is what makes Swiedebie smile:
Secret Santa is a game played by the European Streetteam on Etsy. The idea behind the Secret Santa is that you make something for a teammember and also receive a gift yourself.
Since I try to organise the game for our team, I get a lovely reward: reading all the questionnaires and knowing all the teammember's secrets! :)
What I also know is that lots of people of the team would like to read them all too... That's why I share part of the answers on the questions in my blog. And even though it's anonymous, it's still fun to read what other people wrote... Hope you enjoyed to have a peek in our team.

You don't have to be part of the team to send a link to something that makes you smile... I'd love to see it! :)