Monday, December 7, 2009

European Streetteam Challenge

What a fun day this is today! I just got word that my singing birds that I made for this weeks challenge won the challenge! Woohoo! Thanks so much for picking them out of all the amazing entries dear Anna! That basicly means that I can be the boss for this weeks challenge and can pick a theme of my choice. I'd love to show you some pics to get inspired... by Babushka's! :)
I suppose the theme is no surprise for you...

The centerpiece of this mosaic is work from Claudia aka MundoGominola.
I have been thinking about her recently. I 'met' her on the European Streetteam
and unfortunately she passed away last December due to a rare heart condition.
Just a little remembrance of this beautiful person... you are missed sweet Claudia!
1. HAND PAINTED - Matryoshkas family, 2. Small babuschka, 3. ohrringe :::bonjour russland, 4. Matryoshka coasters - decorative objects, 5. Matryoshka ornaments, 6. P1010801, 7. Gingerbread House, 8. work in progress, 9. Moleskine's notebook cover: Matryoshkas, 10. fru muri, 11. Frida under water, 12. big russian doll & russian doll lavender scented sachets, 13. Piquete de mamushkas14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Can't wait to see all the entries! Make it hard on me to choose my favorite! :)
You can work with lots of colors, russian themed, shapes, drawings, bags, jewelry... whatever resembles of a babushka will do!
The winner of this challenge are the wetfelted Babushka dolls by Viltalakim. BIG congrats, Kim! :)