Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to make a paper doily angel & garland?

The other day I was looking at the pile of paper doilies and thought I could make some fun angels from them & string some doilies on a nylon thread to put in front of our window. A bit of holiday decoration without it being too traditional.
Here is what you need: paper doilies, a wooden bead, cotton thread, thin metal thread, scissors, doublesided tape and nylon thread.
Fold a paper doily double.
Make a cut through the doily on the side.
Make a cut through on the other side too.
Cut away part of the doily for the arms. Cut it a tiny little bit towards the middle on both sides.
Cut a piece of doublesided tape and attach it to one 'arm'.
Fold the part with the doublesides tape over the other part.
Do the same on the other side and you'll have this.
Cut some cotton thread about 8/10cm long.
Cut a piece of thin metal thread.
Make a loop on the metal thread and twist it a few times.
Put the cotton thread in between the 2 metal threads & twist it again.
String a wooden bead on the metal thread.
String the doily on the metal thread.
Twist around the metal thread a few times so
that the upper part can't come loose.

Cut a piece of doublesided tape.
Tape it in between the doily.
Press firmly.
Draw a little face on the wooden bead.
Your angel is finished.
Cut doilies towards the middle.
Make a fold between parts.
String them on a nylon thread together with the doliy angel.
Hang it in front of your window.