Monday, January 25, 2010

Local artist exposition

We went to a small exhibition of local artist in a cultural center and I'd like to share some work with you. It was a hommage to Toon Thijs who lived and worked in the town. Unfortunately he passed away last year. His ceramic work is quirky and fun. Big round heads and upper body and blue eyes were his signature. He often transferred fairytale figures into his work.
But there was also work of some of his friends featured.
This is work by Lebuïn D'Haese.
She combines terracotta, wood and bronze.
Sandra Vanspauwen works a lot with porcelain in combination
with ceramic clay and focusses on light objects.Didier Bourguignon
There was not more info on the artist to be found except his name.I find the detail in his work very pretty!
Patty Wouters
International known Belgian ceramist.
I love the composition of these crackled clay plaques.The detail is so beautiful too.
There was more work to see but I didn't take pictures of it all.
Hope you enjoyed this little visit to the exposition.