Saturday, January 2, 2010


Normally I do a crochet post on Saturday to show you the progress on my project(s). Since I haven't been doing any crocheting lately, I decided to show of some exceptional knitting.
Some of you might remember me announcing winning the Poufiks from EvaForeva's blog-giveaway. Well, I'm going to show 'em off now... :)
But first I wanted to show you some of Jenya's work as she's supertalented! Her shop EvaForeva is filled with lucious hand knitted winter accesories and her designs are unique and fun. And she takes such cool pictures - it's a delight to look at her work!
Jenya has another shop called Forevamore where she sells unique handmade clothing and accessories that are all one of a kind. Can't wait to see her new spring/summer line.

And if that was not enough, I also like to share that she has a lovely blog! I love to go there and browse all the cool finds she posts there.
And if you are a tutorial-lover, I insist that you check out her blog as she has heaps of fun tutorials and Do-It-Yourself- ideas on her blog too! *drools*
Check out the sidebar on the right hand side for those!
And she quite often has give-away's so I suggest you just follow her if you want to win cool stuff like I did!

So now I will have to make you jealous... but don't dispair as you can go to her shop and buy your own Poufik. :)
Look what a cool spot they have:Come closer...I'm so super happy with these! I knew I needed a Poufik! Thanks heaps, Jenya! :)