Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to make happy Decopatched clouds?

Living in Belgium certainly has it's advantages: yummy chocolate, good beer and the real 'French' fries, with mayonaise of course...
Like every other country, it also has it's disadvantages: it rains a lot here.
And while the clouds are forming in the sky, looking daunting and grey, I dream of happy clouds. You know, colored clouds that make colored rain and makes everyone happy, even when it rains.

When I think of clouds, I also think of Maartje from Mamutopia on Etsy. She also has a lovely blog where I quite often take a peek to see with what fun creations she has come up with and I adore her weekly happy stats on saturday's.
Recently, I noticed that she has been producing an awesome amount of clouds. That's why I asked her to help me with my happy clouds. She send me some so that I could use them for making this happy cloud tutorial. Thank you, Maartje! :)
Here is what you need:
Decopatch paper, Decopatch glue, glue brush, pencil,
glass bottle (IKEA), glasses, jars,...
Draw clouds on the Decopatch paper.
This can be random clouds, I used Maartje's because
I love 'em & to hide I can barely draw. :)

Cut out the clouds.I think I have enough clouds. Apply some Decopatch glue on the bottle with the brush.Add the Decopatch cloud.
Take some more glue and brush it over the cloud.
That way it's protected against water.
Note: it is not dishwasher safe and can only cope
with a slight bit of cold water so it's used for
decorative purposes unless you add a thick layer of varnish.
The glue leaves a bit of brushmarks on the bottle.
If you don't like that, take some hot water,
a bit of detergent, a cloth and rub them away.
Let it dry & then drink from the happy clouds.
I love drinking water and I fill one of these every day right from the tab. Hmm...