Monday, April 19, 2010

The art of talking crap...

So no, I didn't make it through the preselections of the Canvas collections.
Am I dissapointed? Nah! Not at all, it was fun and exciting.
It did feel like I didn't talk enough crap as you're supposed to do in events like these apparently. If you have 10 minutes to explain what your work is about, you should talk into thin air for about 9 minutes and come to the essence for about 1 minute.
Jury's love that. The feedback of the jury seemed sincere and honest but when I heard a little bit later that they said exactly the same thing to other contestants, I kind of knew it had been chit chat in the first degree! They practised and refined it! I certainly need to practice on my 'bullshit talk' if I ever participate again! :)
Afterwards we went to a brocante, had a lovely beer on a sunny terrace and went to my favorite icecream place in the whole of Belgium! Yeah, now we're talking, and not bullshit! :)