Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Stella

Last week, Stella arrived at my house. An unexpected envelope was dropped in my mailbox. From Scotland, hmm, didn't order anything there, did I?It's from the very talented EmmaLamb who does amazing crochet work! The packaging looks so pretty & professional - wow - instant happiness. She's so cheeky to send me Stella but I love her right away. It doesn't take long before Stella is up and about in my studio.

Why didn't I have Stella before? She's great and makes me jippety jappety happy!

And look how professional the care instructions look. Emma, you're amazing!
In case you have never seen Emma's work, you must take a look in her shop and look at all the pretty things she has in there. She's a magician with color combo's, does not only do some wicked crochet but embroiders too and she is simply an all around cutie pie! Besides an amazing shop, she also has an awesome blog - always inspiring and pretty!
Thank you, dear Emma for making me smile every day! I love having Stella in my studio! :)

Oh, and this is the perfect post to announce 'vintage week' on my blog.
Can you wait? :)