Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wanted: vintage goodies

How cute and happy are these vintage candy striped mugs by elisabethwrenvintage?
She has more lovely finds in her shop like this and that.

Lots of my tools are spread all over the shed and this handy Andy toolbox
by Bluebell would make my life a lot easier.

I think that with the arrival of my sewing machine,
I soon will not be able to resist this vintage Swans French lace by Lucietales

I love postcards and these vintage embroidered children's postcards
by P8iosities just make me happy all around! Look at that kitten! *melts* Cute hey?

I don't collect anything in particular but if I would start a collection,
it would be one of vintage metal keys. I love old skeleton keys.
This one is by LaPommevintage and I believe that every key
looks much better with a lace ribbon! :)