Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly happy stats

Things that made me happy last week:
  • Finding my mobile back after it had been missing for 4 days
    (I hardly ever use it but it was a new one and had a new prepaid card on it)
  • Supply shopping
    (silly how exciting a sack of 25kg plaster and a few buckets of slipcast can make you)
  • Decorating my birch tumblers and having more ideas for the Birch theme
    (why didn't I think of that in fall?)
  • Eating cake and chatting a lot with Kim & Mariana
    (hmm, she's a good baker)
  • Planning an Etsy craft party in my studio
    (and regretting the smallness of my studio so inviting peeps is limited)
Random happy pic by wild goose chase

Happy weekend, everyone! :)