Friday, June 4, 2010

I love pies

Did I ever tell you that I love pies? Sweet and hearty pies, I love 'em all.
Fleurfatale has started posting yummy pie recipes in her blog lately and I just want to try 'em all. Everytime, she posts one, I really have to withold myself not to run off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients!
She has more recipe's up her sleeve and mostly quick ones she says, as she can't spend hours in her kitchen! I can't either as I'll be reading her blog! LOL :)
I already made this apple/raspberry pie so often and it's loved heaps by everyone who has tasted it.
This intro is also the reason why I started making lots of little ceramic balls some time ago. And I thought that it wouldn't be bad to have some functional ceramic ware in my shop.
So I made baking pearls that can be used for blind baking. When you use puff pastry for a pie, it's best to pre-bake the dough beforehand. You just place a baking sheet on top of the pastry and then add weight to it.
You can use dried beans, dried peas or... jip, ceramic baking pearls.
They would make a fab gift for anyone who loves to bake & play in the kitchen.
Besides that, I think they have more class then the average bean and pea! :)Half a kilo of ceramic pearls come in a handmade, drawstring bag. Jip, made by me on my new sewingmachine - skills are slowly improving. I stamped 'baking pearls' on one side, and the Dutch word 'bakparels' on the other side. And of course a happy girl for even more fun while baking. :) I'll add them to the shop sometime next week.